Selling and Protecting Your Pieces of Art Online

Technology is almost rendering the art galleries obsolete and from all indications the process is gradual and will not really achieve full traction, because canvas print painters are getting better by the day and are, therefore, coming up with some of the most beautiful unique pieces that are art gallery quality. We also have other professional painters that are doing art for the money, and with the massive social networking platforms, it has become relatively easy to market and sell art online.

Tips on selling art online

Like any other business, selling art will not be smooth sailing for the first few days so you have to devise means and ways of getting your products in front of a large audience.  And the biggest online markets that you can sell your artwork are such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Casetify among others. Social networking platforms are also a good place for promoting artwork, and you can, therefore, tag your prints on Facebook or promote them on Instagram.

If you are going to take on Instagram to promote your pieces of art, do it by first starting your hashtag, and ensure that you post frequently, to give your followers varied options and also to create a strong presence. When dealing with Instagram it all boils down to how best you can relate to the relevant audience, so ensure that you come up with interesting and captivating captions.

Follow other pages that are into the same niche as you, tag them, and like their work to try and re-direct some of their traffic to your prints.

Protecting Your Artwork Online

People are creative and do amazing jobs, which then necessitates the need to protect their canvas prints creations from duplication by fraudsters, who will then want to capitalize on other people’s efforts. There are, therefore, a couple of ways that you can protect your artwork, check below.

Addition of a copyright notice

Copyright notices only work for people who are aware of its consequences but that does not mean that your pieces of art will be completely safe from the hardcore fraudsters. However, they will give you the right to take action against them thus protect your canvas prints from duplication or reproduction. So ensure to include copyright notices on all of your canvas prints and make them conspicuous.

Use the watermark

Watermarks are the fraudster’s worst nightmare, and it will make your images hard to use without obscuring. The watermark has been designed to cover your images and it will therefore, be displayed on the internet with a semi-transparent logo, so just find a good photo editing software and add watermarks to your images.

Provide your contacts

We really didn’t have to tell you this but you are out to sell your beautiful pieces of canvas prints, so make it easy for people to reach you. Be informed, however, that not everyone will be reaching out to buy, as some will want to use your images so be polite in your response as you never know they might become your next biggest potential customers.

Deny them the saving function

The right-click function is the one that allows everyone to save your images in their devices, so if you want your work to remain unique just disable the right-click function, so that they don’t get the chance to save them, but don’t forget that they can still screenshot it. Just do anything and everything that you can, a smart thief can read between the lines and keep off from your work.