How to sell art online

As an artist, there are several ways you could make money from your pieces. Some people prefer to showcase their professional pieces in an art theatre but if you cannot afford that, you could sell the pieces online and make really good money doing it. You can use this as your second mode of income and to develop your skills further.

Selling art online is a very profitable side hustle and great strategy to increase your monthly income overall.  There is plenty of opportunity for artists to sell their art online and potentially make lots of money from it.

Here is where you can sell your art online

Open an e-commerce store

This is one of the best ways to sell art online. For this to work, you need to create an e-commerce store, learn how it works and take charge of it. you will need to learn everything there is about running a business from home. for this, you will need to hire someone to build a website for you.

Keep in mind that you are completely responsible for the pre- and post-sale activities on the website. If you can, get someone qualified to help you run the business smoothly. Selling at your own e-commerce store allows you to promote any art pieces, create your own brand and control the prices of the art pieces.

Online art auctions

This is an interesting and exciting way to sell your pieces online. Online art auctions require the artist to stand out in their work. Getting any piece of art accepted and displayed/features on an online art auction is a big deal for most artists.  The artwork undergoes tonnes of evaluation before it can be accepted into the auction. It is not easy to get into an art auction of any kind; to be in the final cut your pieces need to be unique and captivating.

An online art gallery

This is a very common way people to try sell their art pieces online. The issue with this method is that you need too have unique pieces and endless talent for your at to be considered into major galleries. People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for their pieces to be on any kind of art gallery. This may not work out for your if you are a beginner.

Check the art marketplace online

Art marketplaces have become popular when it comes to selling art. Marketplaces online are basically huge e-commerce stores with developed customer trust and band recondition. Art marketplaces are great because they are always filled with art lovers looking to buy interesting pieces.  Art marketplaces online also sell original artworks that are created and submitted by independent artists from different parts of the world.

Finally, you can try selling your art pieces on social media

If you do not have money for an ecommerce website or art gallery, you could definitely sell the pieces on your social media platform. Rich people and celebrities are known to promote eye catching pieces from artists who they find online.